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ACS Architects in collaboration with J&K Atelier volunteered to participated in Code Art 2017 pro bono.

For one weekend in June, the City of Palo Alto was temporarily reframed as a laboratory for urban interventions and creative placemaking while engaging commuters, residents, students and visitors in dialogue on how to shape the future of the downtown corridor.


Located at the alleyway of 535 Bryant St, the Architectural Pavilion was a unique, minimalist, and inviting community gathering space created by from blue counter-top recycle bins, repeated and joined together to form a folly. Generously donated by GreenWaste of Palo Alto, the bins were rooted in their connection to Palo Alto and local community efforts to recycle and care for the environment. The installation created a sense of community as children and adults, and people of all ages and backgrounds, shared the same spacial experience. It also included a participatory element where passersby were encouraged to create their own sculptures or structures out of recycled corks and toothpicks. Throughout the weekend, these cork creations were added to the pavilion, making it a true community collaboration. Photo courtesy of Jim Colton.

802_CodeART_Architectural Pavillion__MG_6824.jpg