Serving the Bay Area since 1976

Our typical residential projects are essentially comprised of Four [4] Phases:

Phase I

The first phase, Schematic Design (SD), starts with documenting the as-built conditions. This may consist of using any old blueprints to help guide a measuring session where use a laser and old-fashioned measuring tape to produce an “existing floor plan” drawing. This is also when we gather information and ask for your ‘wish-list’ or ideas and how you plan on living in your new house. Initial preliminary designs may take place in the form of trace overlay sketches, bubble diagrams, and massing models.

Phase II

Phase two, Design Development (DD), takes schematic design to anther level to look at functionality and aesthetics. We finalize a floor plan, discuss exactly how closets and bathrooms lay out, determine window placements, and make bigger-picture decisions about materials and the forms of the house. This phase is when we really feel the design coming to life.

Phase III

During the Construction Documents (CD) phase, we churn out the permit drawings from all the decision we made from the schematic design and design development phases. We document a full set of plans including mechanical/plumbing/electrical plans, exterior and often interior elevations, and detail connections while coordinating with the structural engineer and other consultants such as the Title 24 energy consultant among others. It takes time to get things in order and assemble a complete package so that we can make the plan check process go as smoothly as possible.

The fourth phase is traditionally the Construction Administration (CA) phase that takes place over the course of construction. We work with the contractors in the field to examine details, make any necessary adjustments, and work together to ensure we create a successful project. Our presence during this phase is extremely valuable, as our established lines of communication with the contractor and the client allow us to solve any issues that may come up and provide clarification where needed. We also document construction progress and make observations to ensure things are being built according to our drawings.

Our goal is a satisfied client upon delivery of a finished project that has accomplished the needs and wishes for their home and project.

Phase IV