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Urban Intervention

Added on by Kyu Young Kim.

We had an idea for an urban intervention in our very own beautiful downtown Palo Alto:

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 9.51.54 AM.png

Where Homer Avenue meets Lane 7E, there is a parking lot there serves a couple businesses, primarily Peet’s Coffee. The building that looks like it has old fashioned mouse balls sticking out from it is actually a self-storage facility, hence the lack of windows on the upper majority. What it does leave, are large blank canvases, which got us to thinking… what if we turned them into something?

peets whole foods tiffany 190117.png

The roof of Whole Foods provides the perfect place to set a projector and the parking lot provides the perfect place for seating as presented above. On top of all this, what if we closed off this block of Homer and turned it into an evening night market of sorts? Taverna is a fairly new restaurant that could sprawl out into the street, there’s also Saint Michael’s Alley, maybe a few additional vendors or even a food truck or two?