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Architect's Gift List 2018

Added on by Kyu Young Kim.

Have an architect or aspiring designer in the family? Know an architect who you have a hard time buying gifts for? Here’s our architect gift guide for 2018.

Kinto Tumbler

This multipurpose tumbler comes in two sizes, 350ml and 500ml sizes, we love this sleek and simple tumbler. Guaranteed to get you compliments, it’ll keep your drinks cold or hot, has a 360-degree sipping lip, and a larger opening that’s wide enough for ice cubes.

Available on Amazon, Bloomingdales, etc. Comes in several different colors.


iPhone XR (2018)

This iPhone almost feels like an Apple mistake. The “budget” version of the popular iPhone this year feels like a top of the line phone and the ways Apple cut corners to bring the cost down is clever. While many might want to splurge for the XS (and/or XS max), the XR is truly under appreciated phone that won’t bust your budget nearly as much. The sweet spot is the 128 gb


MUJI A6 Sketchbook

Officially called the “RECYCLED HIGH QUALITY PAPER RING NOTEBOOK BEIGE A6 DOT”, this is our go-to sketchbook. The rings allow for the sketchbook to open flat on a surface, the dots keep order when you need it but are less obtrusive than a traditional grid, and the rubber band keeps everything closed when on the run.

The price is kind, the materials are recycled, go pick one up for yourself while you buy one for someone else. Available at MUJI stores.


AeroPress Coffee Maker

Now that you have a tumbler on your gift list, you’re going to need something to put in it, right? What if I said there’s a manual coffee maker that’s not only budget conscious, easy to clean, and made locally here in Palo Alto? It’s true! The AeroPress is a staple of home baristas everywhere. It’s makes for fun coffee recipe and timing experiments!