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What's an ADU?

Also known as Granny Units or In-Law Units, an Accessory Dwelling Unit is an independent second dwelling unit on a property.  

These units can be attached to an existing house or detached as a separate structure.

ADUs can be constructed on most lots zoned for single family residential use.

Housing Crunch

ADU's are a great opportunity for individual home owners to provide new housing units in their own backyard.

ADU homes can serve as:

A nearby, yet private residence for an elderly relative.

A home for a young adult working towards affording their own place.

Additional income though long or short term rentals.



Every city has a slightly different take on ADUs. While the state mandated regulations have trickled down, there are still several differences in maximum floor area, height, and parking restrictions.


We can introduce you to the right contractor to get your ADU built. In fact, we encourage early involvement of a contractor.